Bringing Ubuntu to Europe

Millions of Africans are residents in Europe and form one of the largest minority groups in the European Union.

African-Europeans are represented by their individual countries of origin, if they have not received European citizenship or if they hold dual citizenship. Many are naturalized Europeans or born Europeans, but still part of the greater African-European community.

This community is diverse. It is made up of all religious groups and races, various cultures and a multitude of languages.

African-European INDABA strives to bring Ubuntu to this community: The well being of other members are as important as the well being of ourselves. We have to work towards a good life for all African-Europeans, regardless of background and in spite of differences….we share one common origin… Africa. With African values….of which Ubuntu is one of the most important values we bring to the European-community.

Through open dialogue with all role-players and members within this vast community, we strive to ensure a full, healthy and rich participation in the European community.