South African Tumi Morake: A Target for Stating a Fact

After an interview on South African radio station Jacaranda FM with African-European Indaba (AEI) founder, Johan de Villiers, one of the presenters of the early morning show, Tumi Morake, shared her personal opinion on experiences of apartheid and the decades since it was abolished.

This was in response to De Villiers saying there are many white right wing individuals and some organisations, who often, when they claim to speak up for their language or culture in the multicultural South African society, feel it necessary to insult people of colour.

“This creates division and works negatively towards building a society of mutual respect in South Africa.” De Villiers said from the AEI office in Amsterdam in response to the personal attacks towards Morake.

“By all means, celebrate your language and culture, speak out if you feel you are discriminated against, but stop the continious insults towards people of colour. This includes the continious use of apartheid symbols such as the old anthem and flag. These very same individuals, organisations and even right wing political parties often try to create the impression that white Afrikaners are ‘victims’ in South Africa since the abolishment of apartheid. When they use incidents of violence and murder where whites are the victims as example, they conveniently forget that black South Africans are also victim to crime. The huge problem of farm murders in South Africa is a good example. By politicising this and other crime and promoting the narrative of ‘white genocide’, some of these characters prevent better cooperation between the roleplayers which is so essential to tackle the problem. Because of this these individuals, organisations and political parties have little credibility when they come to Europe to meet with politicians here. They usually come as the guest of an opposition party to highlight some issues facing white Afrikaners. Not one of the parties in government meet with them on their expensive trips to Europe.”

As a result of Morake sharing her personal feelings, there was the expected reaction from conservative Afrikaners and right wing Afrikaner organisations and parties, calling for her to be taken off air. Social media exploded with racist remarks and threats towards Morake.

Huffington Post SA writes that AfriForum and Solidarity, the two Afrikaner rights organisations headquartered in Pretoria, are now also targeting Tumi Morake.

“They are threatening to take her to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa over an analogy she drew between the effects of apartheid and how a schoolground bully reacts after being forced to make peace with their victim. They have also launched a campaign against her on social media and have penned a nasty editorial on one of their various websites.” Read the full report here

(Photo’s: TimesLive, Jacaranda FM)