12 Powerful Quotes Against Racism You Need To Read

With all that’s happening not only in America but around the world as of late, there is a big need to remind ourselves of how disruptive and divisive the concept of racism        is, writes mindoverblown.com 

With the expansion of globalization through the Internet, one would have thought that primitive ideas such as xenophobia and even colorism cannot exist but they still thrive among certain vocal sectors in society.

Despite our almost limitless access to information, education is still in the backseat of propaganda. People let their fears overrule their reason. If people will not listen to reason, maybe they can find some semblance of wisdom in the words of the great men and women who paved the way for a global culture of harmony. Read these powerful quotes against racism from fearless individuals who looked at the world and saw limitless paths to conquer instead of walls to build. Read the quotes here