Burundi state officials liable for crimes against humanity: UN

Burundian officials at the highest level should be held accountable for crimes against humanity, Africanews reports. A list of suspects has been drawn up, a U.N. Commission of Inquiry said on Monday.

The commission said there were reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity had been committed since April 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza said he would seek a new term in office, triggering a descent into chaos and violence.

“The Commission has reasonable grounds to believe that the above-mentioned crimes against humanity are attributable primarily to State officials at the highest level and to senior officers and members of the National Intelligence Service, the police, the army and the Imbonerakure,” the report said.

The Imbonerakure, the youth league of the ruling party, received instructions to commit human rights violations from Nkurunziza’s office, it said. Read the full report here